Andrea Brandi

Blogger, Author & Art Lover!

About me

Hello world! I'm Andrea, Independent writer and web developer from Italy. I was a professional poker player and Supernova Elite on Pokerstars, then I came back to writing.

I'm also an audiophile, cinephile, gamer and thinker. I spend my time watching movies, listening to music, playing video games and writing critiques on that stuff. Because a life without art, is like art without life: a poor affair that not worth the time it occupies.

In 2015 I founded Starico, a blog on music, movies and video games. In 2016 I founded, an italian web magazine about video games.

My Projects

These are the projects i'm currently working on.

Starico: Watch, Listen, Play la base dei videogiochi
Music, art, concept
Starsailor: il navigatore delle stelle